Face Shields Protect Healthcare Workers


Emergency Face Shield - designed and manufactured for the COVID-19 health crisis.


This Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shields healthcare providers from exposure to patient secretions due to cough, sneezing, or procedures like intubation, extubation, and suctioning.


One Size Fits All

Made in USA

Fast Shipping

• One Piece

• No Assembly!

Fits over glasses and N95 masks!

Not a "home-brew" or a 3D print

 Comfortable, Lightweight, Flexible

Easy Ordering by Credit Card

Patent Pending Design

• Fully Molded and ready to wear



Frequently Asked Questions

Do Emergency Face Shields fit over an N95 Mask and Glasses?

Yes - We've specifically designed Emergency Face Shields to fit over an N95 mask and glasses or goggles.

Whether you wear corrective glasses or splash goggles, Emergency Face Shield has room.  Even if you wear rigid N95 masks with a plastic exhalation valve - you'll have room to move and breathe.

The shield also leaves room for a dental loupe approximately 1.25" tall, attached to a pair of glasses.

How much does each Emergency Face Shield cost?

Each Emergency Face Shield costs $4.99


Contact us (below) for discounts on orders greater than 1,000 Face Shields.


Shipments to Colorado incur tax - the charge is calculated at check out.

Do Emergency Face Shields make any legal or regulatory claims? 

Emergency Face Shields are NOT a medical mask, they are intended for use by healthcare providers as a splash guard to reduce patient secretions and droplets from contacting the healthcare provider's face.


Emergency Face Shields do NOT claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Emergency Face Shields do NOT filter surgical smoke, viruses, bacteria, or fungi.  Emergency Face Shields are to be used solely at the discretion of the healthcare provider, and never in a situation which mandates Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR).

Do Emergency Face Shields contain latex, natural rubber, or adhesives?

Nope - and this is good news for those with sensitivities or allergies.

Emergency Face Shields are 100% manufactured from PET polyethylene, an advanced polymer with good clarity, easy manufacturability, and safe for food and skin contact.   Most bottled water and soda sold in the US are in PET containers.  PET does not contain BPA or phthalates, and PET is fully recyclable.

Can I purchase just a few Emergency Face Shields for myself?

10, 30, and 130 are our standard case sizes. Of course you can order multiples of each.  


If your order will be over 1000 shields, please contact us for special pricing.

How do I clean Emergency Face Shields?

Emergency Face Shields are manufactured from "PET" polyethylene plastic and are resistant to common clinical disinfectants including bleach solutions, quaternary ammonium, glutaraldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol.  Emergency Face Shields cannot be autoclaved.


Always follow your facility's disinfecting procedures.

Are Emergency Face Shields sterile or impact resistant?

Emergency Face Shields are not sterile, and are not individually packaged.

Emergency Face Shields are NOT impact resistant, and should never be used in construction, machining, or other environments with impact hazards.  They are only meant to help protect a caregiver from patient secretions. 

Do Face Shields require FDA approval?

No - the FDA says: "To help foster the availability of equipment that might offer some benefit to health care providers and the general public during the COVID-19 outbreak... 


FDA does not intend to object to the distribution and use of face shields that are intended for a medical purpose...  FDA currently believes such devices would not create such an undue risk..."

Are Emergency Face Shields manufactured in a clean facility?

Yes - shields are manufactured in a facility that makes both medical products and food-grade packaging.  All orders are double bagged to prevent particulate from the cardboard outer box.


The facility was recently audited by Merieux NutriSciences, with 50 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Auditors scored the facility in 100% compliance to current regulations and industry practices in Food Packaging Product Safety Systems, Quality Systems (HACCP), Employee Practices (Good Manufacturing Practices), and Plant Sanitation.

Are Emergency Face Shields PAPR compatible?

No...  Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) are full face and head coverings pressurized with HEPA filtered air from a battery powered blower and tubing system.  PAPR face shields have specialized air supply fittings.  

Emergency Face Shields are a simple plastic covering from the forehead to neck and ear to ear.  They should never be worn in an environment where PAPR use is required or mandated. 

Can you donate Emergency Face Shields to our facility?  

Unfortunately we cannot donate Face Shields.  We are a small company taking a huge financial risk investing in molds, dies, machinery, engineering time, and raw materials.   We've priced Face Shields as low as possible, so hopefully everyone who needs an Emergency Face Shield can get one.

Our website allows "bill to" and "ship to", so donors can purchase Emergency Face Shields and ship them to your facility.

Do Emergency Face Shields fit all head sizes?

We've made Emergency Face Shields fit most heads from XS to XL in both Men's and Women's sizes (19" to 21").

Emergency Face Shields work just like a baseball cap - adjust the strap to your head size. lock it into place, and put the shield on your head.

Emergency Face Shields are very lightweight, comfortable, flexible, and non-fogging. 

Can you ship Emergency Face Shields outside of the United States?

All Emergency Face Shield production is consumed by United States healthcare centers, and we don't have time for international shipping logistics, duties, and customs.  Thus, we are not shipping outside of the U.S.

Contact us (below) to leave a message... we'll respond as we open international shipping regions.

This is a new style of face shield... Are Emergency Face Shields patented?

Yes... the one-piece design is Patent Pending.  This unique one-piece design allows us to manufacture face shields on high-speed equipment without any human interaction or contact.  

There are no separate straps, adjustment clamps, rivets, adhesive, foam pads, decals, or other components to add, which keeps our costs low and production speed high.


Clinicians do not have to "assemble" Emergency Face Shields, nor provide any additional components like rubber bands or tape.  Emergency Face Shields ship fully formed and ready to wear.

What is your Shipping, Fulfillment, and Refund Policy?

We know your order is urgent!


We ship Emergency Face Shields in the order recieved directly from our manufacturing facility in Colorado.  Most shipments are via USPS using Priority (1-3 days) or Priority Express (1-day).  You will receive an email with tracking information when the order is shipped.

Since Emergency Face Shields are used for infection control, we cannot safely accept refunds on opened packages.  We fully refund any unopened package, although purchaser is responsible for return shipping costs. 

Show me a Video!

Yes!  Thanks to our friends at The Fast Lane Car & Truck for doing a remote video about EmergencyFaceShield.com 

You can read the nice article here, and watch the video of our production machinery here,

Are Emergency Face Shields made in the USA?

Yes - Emergency Face Shields are 100% manufactured in Denver, Colorado.  The PET plastic raw material is domestically produced and sheet extruded in the US also.


We're proud that American companies react quickly to an emergency like corona virus, and can manufacture high quality, high value, personal protective equipment.   

About Table Mountain Innovation, Inc.

Our founder and CEO has 20 years of medical device design, over 500 days in surgery for new medical device testing, and 6 years as a Colorado EMT.  He has released 29 FDA 510(k) cleared devices and holds 6 medical device patents.

His clients include the largest medical device companies in the world, and he has designed products in anesthesia monitoring, ventilation, intubation, pulse oximetry, CAT and Ultrasound imaging, surgical navigation, and electrosurgery.

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